Celebrity Chef James Martin Takes On Hospital Food in New Television Series

September 5, 2011

Celebrity chef James Martin isn't too happy with hospital food (is anyone?) and he is tackling the issue in a new BBC television series, Operation Hospital Food.

The five-part series will feature Martin working with chefs at Scarborough Hospital to change the food they serve to patients on a small budget of £3.49 per patient per day. The celebrity chef became attached to this issue when he saw the type of food that was being served to his grandmother at York Hospital, where she spent the last few months of her life.

"For someone who'd loved her cakes, her butter and her bacon sandwiches so much, it was heartbreaking," Martin said. "They would bring her mashed potato and meat pies and tarts that were not just appalling but also chewy and tough. Elderly patients who can't swallow just want a bit of soup and ice-cream, because that's all they can manage."

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Hugh McGivern's picture

I work in the Care and Education sector and believe me £3.49 is more than we get in some contracts. With good planning and an eye for purchasing we manage to carry it off. What we do not need is a so called Celebrity Chef rocking the boat for a few weeks, Jamie Oliver did it with the schools and he left a mess. My advice to Mr Martin is leave this to us. He will not come up against the bureacracy we do, that won't make good TV. Do a series on feeding people with Dementia for a challenge.

Jo Garnham-Parks's picture

At last someone's doing something! I spent quite a bit of time in hospital last year following surgery for a brain tumour. The daily menu's from which to choose were dire - when it arrived it looked nothing like what was selected. It looked like it had been thrown on a plate from 50 metres several days ago and had zero taste. Even the sandwiches were awful. It really can't be that difficult! I survived on mashed potato and gravy for weeks. One day, when I was feeling better, my lovely husband brought me in a dinner from one of our favourite restaurants. I have never enjoyed a meal so much, tasting every single taste on the plate.
Surely something can be done despite the budgets ... good luck James!

Chicago Dogs of Maine's picture

Hospital food is a challenge alright! I'll be waiting to see this!