Kate Beckinsale and the Sundowner Diet

September 17, 2011

Kate Beckinsale is said to be on the Sundowner diet.

The biggest rule of the Sundowner diet is not eating after 6 PM. That means early dinners and absolutely no late-night snacks. Unfortunately, that doesn't quite work for everyone, especially those who work late or exercise in the evenings.

According to nutrition experts, if you are on the Sundowner diet and you do need to eat in the evenings, limit your later meals to protein and healthy carbs, such as fruits and vegetables.

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Waiter's picture

I'm a waiter in LA. She ate a burger patty and a salad well after sundown tonight, so I'm just gonna have to call this one is not true. Quite a lovely lady though.

Sandy's picture

That's fun, thanks for replying. It makes this all real.