Study Says Celebrity Chefs Fueling Food Waste

September 25, 2011

A new study was conducted to find the reasons why there is so much food waste and they found that celebrity chefs are adding to the problem.

Thanks to the Food Network and popular chefs on the small screen who teach the less food-savvy how to make restaurant-worthy meals, many of us regular folk swiftly head to our local grocery stores to buy fresh cheeses, seafood and spices. Unfortunately, most of us allow those ingredients to lie around the house and let them go bad instead of actually using them in our daily cooking, which adds to the ever-growing mountains of waste.

Experts suggest relying on ready-made ingredients to help reduce the 8.3 million tons of food waste every year.




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Beth Hirsch's picture

Hmmmmm,....What kind of so called experts say it's better to use "ready made foods" This article is very vague and suspicious,.... The answer is to encourage people to actually cook and use the food they bring home, or not impulse buy, but sending people back down the path of prepackaged foods is not the answer!!!!

Emily's picture

I have to agree with Beth. Did they really just suggest we rely on ready-made food?? Celebrity chefs are at least getting people thinking about their food and what they're putting in their bodies and I say it's the viewer's responsibility to curb their own waste.

Cooker's picture

This study/article is pure BS. People that spend money on ingredients will try to cook them. Period.

Elena Rego's picture

I agree with the above commenters and would suggest that one way to go is for both celebrity chefs as well as at home cooks to try to compost left over cuttings. I don't think that suggesting that people revert back to ready made ingredients aka processed food, is at all the answer. Education is key and providing suggestions on what to do with excessive produce, and how to make sure what you have isn't wasted is much more productive then simply going back to unhealthy habits. Who are these experts anyway?

dwindle's picture

This is a valid point, but not a valid solution. Simply plan your meals out better and figure out how to use the leftovers later on in the week. Also, many things can be frozen for future use. Todays fresh baked bread is tomorrows French onion soup, which it later crutons and later still breadcrumbs. All leftover veggies can be tossed in the freezer and used as vegetable stock later on. Freeze mushy bananas to make banana bread at Christmas time and give them out as presents. Freeze fresh herbs. Slice cooked meat, freeze, then simmer in broth to reheat and serve over leftover pasta or rice, etc.