7 Peculiar Pig Home Decor Ideas

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May 3, 2011

Foodies with a bacon obsession will get a kick out of these peculiar pig home decor ideas. This series of porcine designs pays tribute to pork in its live, farm-animal form, and ranges from pig-shaped couches to cups with snouts.

1. Snout Cups: The cheeky Snout Cups by BuroJet and Jorine look normal enough when placed on the table, but the bottom of the cup is customized to look like a pig snout. When the user picks up the cup to drink, his nose then becomes a snout. These pig-themed cups also have a charitable side: BuroJet donates a portion of each Snout Cup sale to Pigs in Need.

Snout Cups

2. Pig Meat Chart Pillow: This instructional pillow by Etsy artisan GoBuggyGo features a graphic diagram of pork cuts against a trippy retro fabric background. If you've ever wondered where bacon, ham, loin or spareribs are located on the pig, this pillow is a must-have.

Pig Meat Chart Pillow

3. Hillhock Pig Couch: This hand-stitched, pig-shaped chair can seat one and doubles as a sculpture. It's upholstered in pink velvet and satin with glass taxidermy eyes and hand-carved walnut hooves. Designer Pavia Burroughs created Hillhock as a part of her senior thesis show at Philadelphia's University of the Arts, but after May 19, it'll be for sale.

Hillhock Pig Couch

4. Pig Speakers: These ceramic pig sculptures by I.D.E.A. come in gold, pink, black and white; each features a full-range speaker embedded into its belly. The speaker connects to an MP3 player or computer via a cord that doubles as the pig's tail.

Pig Speakers

5. Rustic Pig Table: This handmade hardwood table by Seth Walter of Silverleaf Woodworking is an immaculate table with a rustic aesthetic. As each Pig Table is made from scratch and custom-finished, no two are exactly alike.

Rustic Pig Table

6. High Tea Pot: The High Tea Pot by Wieki Somers is a most unusual porcelain serving vessel made in the shape of a pig's skull and covered in rat fur. This functional macabre teapot has been exhibited at modern art museums in Houston, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

High Tea Pot

7. Piglet Bank: This pricey piggy bank is made from an actual taxidermied pig. Its designers at TheCheeky.com state explicitly that the piglets used have all died of natural causes and were not killed to make the bank; accordingly, each bank can take up to 12 months to create and costs $4,000.

Piglet Bank

Photos by: BuroJet, GoBuggyGo, PaviaBurroughs, Technabob, Silverleaf Woodworking, Wieki Somers, The Cheeky



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