December 11, 2008

Derived from the Arabic word meaning “bowl”, Cazuelas are traditional Spanish terra cotta dishes and cookware. Like many classics, the dishes are minimalist, made of earth fired clay, but have thoroughly modern attributes as well. They can go from stove top to microwave to oven to table with equal aplomb. The glaze is lead free and the pans are suitable for a wide range of cooking and serving applications. The dishes must be soaked prior to first use but thereafter are simple to clean and maintain. A true multipurpose item, in our kitchen we like these so much we call them "super pans"! There are some weeks, particularly in casserole season, when I barely reach for anything else. The pans also hold their heat for ages, ideal for keeping food hot during serving and at the table. Also very forgiving when the "side" dish is ready ahead of the main, not that this ever happens to us except when it does. Cazuelas can be found online at The Spanish Table, and La Tienda and also at many gourmet retailers and restaurant supply stores. We get ours locally in Los Angeles at Surfas in Culver City, however the selection is better at the Spanish specialty sellers for sure.



Sean's picture

I actually schlepped a set of these back from Barcelona in 2002. They rock.