A large citrus fruit that can weigh up to 25 pounds and grow one foot in diameter. Native to Southeast Asia, it is also cultivated for commercial use in California, Florida and Israel.

The rind of the pomelo is quite thick, but soft and easy to peel. The pulp ranges from pale yellow to deep pinkish red, and the taste is sweeter and more mild than its smaller cousin the grapefruit. For the ripest, choose one with a more yellow peel.


Other names: Pommelo, Chinese Grapefruit, Jabong, Pummelo, Lusho Fruit, Shaddock
Translations: ザボン, Didysis citrinmedis, برتقال هندي أو جريب فروت, Toranja, Pomélo, Grejpfrut, Bưởi, Grejpfrut, Грейпфрут, 포멜로, Jeruk bali, פומלו, Грейпфрут, 柚, Грејпфрут

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Grapefruit



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