Beef Tenderloin


Beef Tenderloin is taken from the full loin of beef and must be stripped out of the loin before it is split into short loin and sirloin in order to have the tenderloin in one piece. This cut is best suited to dry heat cooking methods such as grilling, roasting and broiling. One of the most tender cuts, though not as flavorful as some others.


Other names: Tender Loin
Translations: Liellopa filejas, Jautienos nugarinė, Muşchi de vită, Juneći, Thịt bò Tenderloin, Polędwica wołowa, Ossenhaas, बीफ़ टेंडरलॉइन, Carne Tenderloin, Вырезки говядины, Φιλέτο βοδινό κρέας, لحوم البقر لحم المتن, 쇠고기 안심, Hovězí svíčkové, Karne ng baka lomo, 牛柳, Filet de Res, Govejega fileja, Hovädzie sviečkovice, Manzo, בשר אחורים, Oxfilé, Говеђа Тендерлоин, 牛ヒレ, Filet de bœuf, Rindsfilet, Oksemørbrad, Okse indrefilet, Filete de Res, Вирізки яловичини, Naudan sisäfileetä, Говеждо филе

Physical Description

Beef Tenderloin is usually cooked as a big slab, but once cooked the slab is usually sectioned off for servings.

Colors: reddish brown, with a slightly pink center

Tasting Notes

Flavors: beefy, umami
Mouthfeel: Soft meat, Tender
Food complements: Mushrooms, Shallots
Wine complements: Red wine
Beverage complements: Brandy
Substitutes: Veal, Pork tenderloin

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Peak: january, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: A good beef tenderloin will be large and have a squeezable texture. It is hard to tell with frozen tenderloin.
Buying: If you want quality beef tenderloin you need to pay for it. Beef tenderloin can be an expensive cut depending on the quality of the meat.
Procuring: Free pasture cows will produce the best meats.

Preparation and Use

You will want to find a suitable mixture of spices and to lather your Tenderloin in like peppercorn.

Cleaning: RInsing and thawing your tenderloin is key.

Conserving and Storing

It can be refrigerated or frozen. It is perishable.



History: Beef tenderloin has been consumed as long as man has raised cattle.



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Very nice :) I like :)