Haricot Vert


Haricot Vert is French for Green String Bean. This thin green or yellow bean can be picked before fully mature. Sweet and tender, these beans are commonly served as a side dish. Not a separate species from other green beans.


Other names: Green String Bean, Filet Beans
Translations: Ragū Vert, インゲンマメヴェール, الفاصوليا فير, Паприкаш Верт, Fasole Vert, Grah Vert, Fagiolo Vert, Fasola Vert, Фасоль Vert, 강낭콩 프랑스 Vert, Paprikaš Vert, תרביך Vert, Квасоля Vert, 菜豆垂直, Haricot vert, Kacang Vert, Фасул Vert

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Green beans

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