Alishan Tea


Grown in the Alishan area of Chiayi County, this tea has large rolled leaves that have a purple-green appearance when dry. There is only a short period during the growing season when the sun is strong, which results in a sweeter and less astringent brew. It produces a golden yellow tea which has a unique fruity aroma.[7]


Translations: Alishan Tēja, Alishan Arbata, Alishan Ceai, Alishan trà, Alishan urządzenia, Alishan चाय, Alishan Chá, Алишан чай, Alishan Τσάι, Alishan الشاي, Alishan 차, Alishan Čaj, Alishan Teh, 阿里山茶, Alishan te, Alishan Čaj, Alishan תה, Alishan te, Алисхан чај, 阿里山茶, Alishan thé, Alishan Tee, Alishan Te, Alishan té, Алішан чай, Alishan чай



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