Basil Cress


Basil Cress® is perhaps one of the most widely known Mediterranean herbs. This king of herbs is not only famous in Europe, it has its roots in Asia and is widely used in the Thai and Indonesian kitchen.

The difference between our Basil Cress and the normal grown Basil is that it is a special, not woody, variety, making Basil Cress extremely suitable for home made pesto.
Few Basil varieties have a similar strong taste as ours has in such a young stage.

A strong advise: Never store Basil Cress in the refrigerator as it hates temperatures below 8°c


Translations: Basil Kressalāti, Vasilijus Pipirnės, Vasile creson, Basil cress, Basil cải xoong, Bazylia Rzeżucha, तुलसी Cress, Василий Кресс, Βασίλειος Κάρδαμο, ريحان الرشاد, 바질 유채과의 야채, Basil Řeřicha, Basil selada, 巴西尔克莱斯, Basilio Berro, Basil Kreša, Basil žerucha, Basilio Crescione, בזיל גרגיר, Босиљак угас, バジルクレス, Basil Karse, Basilikum Cress, Basilio Berro, Василь Кресс, Basil Vihanneskrassi, Василий кресон



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