Preserved Tofu


Tofu aged in wine or a salt brine, sometimes with chilies or red beans. The tofu takes on a flavor, texture and aroma similar to pungent cheese and is generally used as a seasoning in dishes rather than eaten on its own.


Other names: Fermented Tofu, Chinese Cheese
Translations: Konservēti Tofu, Konservuoti Tofu, Conservate Tofu, Konzervirani Tofu, Bảo quản Đậu hũ, Tofu zachowane, Conserven Tofu, संरक्षित Tofu, Preservada Tofu, Консервированные Тофу, Διατηρημένα Tofu, الحفاظ على التوفو, 보존 두부, Zachované Tofu, Очуван Тофу, Nakapreserba Tofu, 豆腐, Conserves Tofu, Konzervirane Tofu, Zachované Tofu, Conserve di Tofu, משומר טופו, Konserverade Tofu, Tahu diawetkan, プリザーブドフラワー豆腐, Conserves de Tofu, Konserviert Tofu, Konserveret Tofu, Bevarte Tofu, Conservas Tofu, Консервовані Тофу, Säilötyt Tofu, Консервирани тофу


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