Monk's Beard


Monk's beard is a succulent and delicious green shoot whose season lasts a brief 5 weeks each spring.


Other names: goats bread, agretti, barba de frate
Translations: Γένια του μοναχικού, راهب من لحية, Monk fúzy, モンクのビアード, 스님의 수염, Monk vousy, Monk của Beard, הנזיר הזקן, Монах's Beard, भिक्षु दाढ़ी, Barba de Monk, Чернець's Beard, 和尚的胡子, Монаха Брада, Barba de Monk, Монашеска брада

Physical Description

Monks Beard is short in size and green in color.It has the texture of grass and a taste similar to spinach.

Colors: green,white flowers,light green,purple roots

Tasting Notes

Flavors: bitter,tangy
Mouthfeel: Crispy, Earthy, Crunchy
Food complements: Olive oil, Lemon juice
Wine complements: Red wine
Beverage complements: Water
Substitutes: Chard, Spinach

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: march
Choosing: Typically you want to choose it by firmness and without discoloration
Buying: Since the growing season is so short it is usually better to grow it rather than buy.
Procuring: It can only grow for 5 weeks out of the year in the spring.

Preparation and Use

Monks beard is normally served boiled or steamed topped with salt and olive oil.

Cleaning: It has to be washed well because like spinach it can have a muddy or earthy taste without proper cleaning.

Conserving and Storing

Not to be stored longer than 2 weeks and the seeds will not grow after 6 months without being planted.


History: Originated in Tuscany and brought over to north America.



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