Sea Trout


Sea trout is a close relative of the salmon, and is a migratory form of the common brown trout. They are originally from Europe where they live in lakes and then migrate to sea.

The sea trout is considered a delicacy in Europe, and are sometimes called a salmon trout. They are not the same as the American Sea trout. In mid-Atlantic States, the Weakfish is called a sea trout, but they are not closely related because it comes from the family Sciaenidae, and not the trouts family of Salmonidae.


Other names:
Translations: Taimiņi, Šlakis, A păstrăvului de mare, Morska pastrva, Biển Trout, Zeeforel, समुद्र Trout, Кумжа, Θάλασσα Πέστροφες, البحر سمك السلمون المرقط, 바다 송어, Pstruh obecný, Dagat Trout, 海鳟, Truita de mar, Pstruh obyčajný, Trota di mare, הים טראוט, Havsöring, Морска пастрмка, 海トラウト, Truite de mer, Meerforelle, Havørred, Trucha de mar, Кумжа, Meritaimenia, Морска пъстърва



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