India Pale Ale (IPA)


India Pale Ale is an ale that is light amber to copper in color, medium to medium-high alcohol by volume, with a bitter, and sometimes malty flavour. It usually contains marked amounts of hops. Often used by craft brewers today.


Other names: IPA
Translations: Indija Pale Ale, Indija Pale Ale, India bere blondă, Indija Pale Ale, Ấn Độ Pale Ale, भारत पीला यवसुरा, Índia Pale Ale, Индийский светлый эль, Ινδία Pale Ale, الهند آل بالي, 인도 창백한 에일, Indie Pale Ale, India maputla serbesa, 印度帕莱阿勒, Índia Pale Ale, הודו לבנבן עלה, Indien Pale Ale, Индија Пале Але, インディアペイルエール, Indien Pale Ale, Індійський світлий ель, Intia Pale Ale, Индия Пале Ale



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