Bank Rockfish


Bank Rockfish is Dusky light red to gray in color, southern specimens w/ black spots on back and dorsal fin; membranes of soft dorsal, anal, and pectoral fins blackish.


Translations: Bankas Rockfish, Bankas Rockfish, Banca Rockfish, Banke rockfish, Ngân hàng Rockfish, बैंक Rockfish, Banco do bodião, Банк Рокфиш, Τράπεζα Σκορπιοί, البنك Rockfish, 은행 Rockfish, Bankovní ropušnice, 银行罗克菲什, Banc Peix de Roca, Bankové ropušnice, Banca Rockfish, בנק Rockfish, Bank Havskatt, Банка Роцкфисх, 銀行ロックフィッシュ, Banque sébastes, Bank Dragehovedfisk, Banco Pescado de Roca, Банк Рокфіш, Pankki rockfish, Банката Rockfish



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