Fruit Lambic


An intensely-fruity style beer created by spontaneous fermentation. Cherry, raspberry, black current,and peach are common flavors. The hops and malt are usually low to allow the fruits to dominate.


Translations: Augļu Lambic, Vaisiai Lambic, Fructe Lambic, Voće Lambic, Trái cây Lambic, Owoców Lambic, Fruit Lambiek, फल lambic, Фрукты Ламбик, Φρούτα Lambic, الفاكهة Lambic, 과일 Lambic, Ovoce Lambic, Buah Lambic, 水果兰比奇, Fruites Lambic, Sadje Lambic, Ovocie Lambic, Frutta Lambic, פירות Lambic, Frukt Lambic, Воће Ламбиц, フルーツランビック, Frugt Lambic, Frukt Lambic, Frutas Lambic, Фрукти ламбік, Hedelmät Lambic, Плодове Lambic



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