Medium-Grain Brown Rice


Brown rice is rice from which only the hull of the rice grain has been removed; it is unbleached and retains the brown color. Brown rice retains the nutrients, such as vitamins B1 and B3 and iron, that are removed when the bran and endosperm layers beneath the hull are removed to make white rice.

The outer layer of medium-grained rice absorbs water well and the cooked product is soft and sticky. Arborio and sushi rice are examples of medium-grained rices.

One cup of medium-grained rice cooked with 2 cups of water for 45 minutes will yield 2 1/2 cups of rice.


Other names: Short-Grained Brown Rice
Translations: Vidēja Grain Brown Rice, Vidutinių grūdų rudieji ryžiai, Mediu de cereale orez brun, Srednja-Grain smeđe riže, Trung bình-Grain Brown Rice, Średnich ziarna Brown Rice, Halflangkorrelige Brown Rice, दाने मध्यम ब्राउन राइस, Médio de grão de arroz Brown, Среднего коричневый рис, Medium-Grain Brown Ρύζι, متوسطة الحبوب رايس براون, 중간 그레인 브라운 라이스, Medium-zrno Brown Rice, Средње браон пиринач житарица, Daluyan-Grain Brown Rice, 中粒糙米, Gra Mitjà Arròs Integral, Srednje-Grain rjavega riža, Medium-zrno Brown Rice, Medium-Grain Rice Brown, בינוני גרגרים בראון רייס, Sedang-Grain Brown Rice, 中粒玄米, Riz brun à grains moyens, Grano Mediano Arroz Integral, Середнього коричневий рис, Keskipitkäjyväisen riisin ruskea riisi, Средни зърна кафяв ориз

Physical Description

Colors: Brown to greenish brown.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: nutty
Mouthfeel: Slightly chewy texture, Nutty flavor
Substitutes: Black rice, Red rice, Wild rice, Aborio rice, Jasmine rice

Preparation and Use

Brown Medium Grain Rice gets its characteristic nutty flavour and harder texture because the nutritious "bran layer" is not removed at milling. This is why it takes longer to cook than white rice and also why it retains all the goodness of mother nature. Its flavour and slightly clingy grains are great as a side dish but also in soups, casseroles or stuffings.



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