Basket Cheese


Basket cheese gets its name from the way it is formed (inside a basket). It is made from cow's milk and can be found "fresh" or dry. The "fresh" basket cheese has no salt taste, while the "dry" variety has a mild salt taste to it. Italians often use this cheese during Easter to bind ingredients for other dishes. It is also a popular addition to antipasto.


Translations: Grozs Siers, Krepšelis Sūriai, Cosul Brânză, Košarica sira, Giỏ Cheese, Koszyk Cheese, Basket Kaas, टोकरी पनीर, Cesta de Queijo, Корзина сыра, Τυρί καλάθι, سلة الجبن, 치즈 바스켓, Basket Sýry, Keranjang Keju, 篮奶酪, Cistella de la compra de formatge, Basket Sir, Basket Syry, Basket Formaggio, סל גבינה, Basket Ost, Корпа сир, バスケットチーズ, Basket fromage, Basket Käse, Cesta de la compra de queso, Кошик сиру, Basket Juusto, Количка сирене



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