Reblochon Cheese


Reblochon is a soft washed-rind French cheese made from raw cow's milk, specifically produced from the day's second milking. The cow breeds best for producing the milk needed for this cheese are the Abondance, Tarentaise and the Montbliarde. It has a soft center with a washed rind and is covered with a fine white mould.


Translations: Reblochon Siers, Reblochon Sūriai, Reblochon Brânză, Reblochon sira, Reblochon, Reblochon पनीर, Reblochon Queijo, Reblochon сыра, Reblochon Τυρί, Reblochon الجبن, Reblochon 치즈, Reblochon sýrem, Reblochon Keju, Reblochon奶酪, Reblochon Formatge, Reblochon Sir, Reblochon syrom, Reblochon Formaggio, Reblochon גבינה, Reblochon Ost, Реблоцхон сир, ルブロションチーズ, Reblochon, Reblochon Käse, Reblochon Queso, Reblochon сиру, Reblochon Juusto, Reblochon сирене



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