Wooly-Leaved Sapote


A fruit almost identical to its better known close relative the White Sapote. The fruit is apple-sized usually with flesh that is less appealing than the white sapote.


Translations: Wooly endīvijām Sapote, Vilnonis salotinės Sapote, Wooly cu frunze Sapote, Vunasta-poljskog Sapote, Wooly lá Sapote, Wooly o liściach Sapote, Wooly-leaved zapote, Wooly-त्यागा Sapote, Sapote Wooly-Leaved, Вули-широколиственных Сапот, Wooly πλατύφυλλο Sapote, صوفي الأوراق Sapote, Wooly - 잎이 달린 Sapote, Vlněný-hlávková Sapote, Вооли-леавед Сапоте, Mabalahibo-may pahina Sapote, 伍利叶萨波特, Sapote Wooly de fulles, Woolyja endivija sapotovec, Vlnený-hlávkový Sapo, Sapote Wooly dalle foglie, Wooly עלים Sapote, Wooly frisésallat Sapote, Berbulu-berdaun Sapote, ウーリー-広葉樹サポーテ, Sapote Wooly à feuilles, Wooly Endivie Sapote, Ulde endivie Sapote, Wooly-leaved Sapote, Sapote Wooly de hojas, Вулі-широколистяних Сапот, Villapaita-siloendiivien Sapote, Wooly ендивия Sapote



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