Brie Cheese


A soft ripened French cheese which is made into a flat round shape and covered with a white or straw colored crust. When ripe this cheese is creamy and flavorful, but can develop an undesirable sharp odor of ammonia when overripe. Brie is often eaten with fruit and desserts.


Translations: Brie siers, Brie sūriu, Brie Brânză, Brie sir, Ser brie, Brie, ब्री पनीर, Queijo Brie, Сыр Бри, Τυρί Brie, جبن بري, 브리 치즈, Hermelín, 布里奶酪, Formatge Brie, Brie Sir, Hermelín, Brie formaggio, ברי גבינה, Brie Ost, Брие сир, ブリーチーズ, Brie, Brie Käse, Brie Ost, Queso Brie, Сир Брі, Brie-juustoa, Сирене Brie

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Camembert, Explorateur, Reblochn



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