A fermented, probiotic yogurt-like milk drink that is made by innoculating any type of milk with kefir grains. It’s much thicker than milk, has a tangy flavor, and is formed by the action of live cultures. Kefir contains several major strains of friendly bacteria not commonly found in yogurt, Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, and Streptococcus species.

It also contains beneficial yeasts, such as Saccharomyces kefir and Torula kefir, which dominate, control and eliminate destructive pathogenic yeasts in the body. They do so by penetrating the mucosal lining where unhealthy yeast and bacteria reside and help to clean and strengthen the intestines. Hence, the body becomes more efficient in resisting such pathogens as E. coli and intestinal parasites.


Other names: Kefir Milk, Kephir, Búlgaros, Kewra, Keefir, Milkkefir, Kefīrs, Mudu Kekiya, Talai
Translations: Kefīrs, ケフィア, Geriamas, الكفير مشروب فوار, Kefír, Kéfir, Chefir, Kefír, קפיר, Кефир, Kepe, केफिर, Quefir, Кефір, 酸牛奶, KEFIR, Кефир, Kéfir, Кефир

Physical Description

Kefir is a thick dairy product that has the consistency of buttermilk, or a thin version of yogurt. It can take on different colors given the various fruits used to flavor it.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Plain or flavored with fruit
Mouthfeel: Thick, Tangy

Selecting and Buying

Buying: Trader Joe's has many different flavors of kefir, as does Safeway. If you are feeling adventurous, you can attempt to make kefir at home. A quick search on for milk kefir grains will get you started.



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