Rainier Cherries


Rainier cherries were first developed at Washington State University, and are a hybrid of the Bing and Van varieties. The flesh is mostly yellow and orange with some red. They are often more costly than other cherries, and have a short season of availability (late June - mid July). Rainier cherries are famous for their delicious and unique flavor, and most often eaten out of hand, as they are considered too sweet for pie.


Translations: Rainier Ķirši, Rainier Vyšnios, Rainier Cireşe, Trešnje Rainier, Rainier Wiśnie, Rainier Kersen, Rainier चेरी, Rainier Cerejas, Ренье вишней, Rainier Κεράσια, رينييه الكرز, 레이 니어 버찌, Rainier Třešně, Rainier Ceri, Rainier seresa, 雷尼尔樱桃, Rainier Cireres, Rainier Češnje, Rainier Čerešne, Ranieri Ciliegie, רנייה דובדבנים, Rainier Körsbär, Раиниер Трешње, レーニエチェリー, Rainier Cerises, Rainier Kirschen, Rainier Kirsebær, Rainier Moreller, Rainiero Cerezas, Реньє вишнею, Rainier Kirsikka, Rainier Череши

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Bing cherry



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