Palm Oil


Palm Oil is red in color due to high amounts of beta-carotene and is produced from the fruit of the Oil Palm, which originated from West Africa.

Palm Oil is used for cooking and baking, and in the of making margarine. It is found in many products such as baby formula, cake mixes and candies. It is a good source beta carotene and vitamin E and is naturally low in cholesterol.


Other names: Palm Fruit Oil, Dende Oil
Translations: Palmu eļļa, Palmių aliejus, Ulei de palmier, Palmino ulje, Dầu cây cọ, Olej palmowy, Palmolie, घूस, Óleo de palma, Пальмовое масло, زيت النخيل, 팜 오일, Palmový olej, Kelapa Sawit, 棕榈油, Oli de Palma, Palmový olej, Olio di palma, שמן תמרים, Palmolja, Палмино уље, パーム油, L'huile de palme, Aceite de Palma, Пальмова олія, Палмово масло



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