Cress is a member of the mustard family known for its peppery leaves. It is frequently used a garnish, or in salads and sandwiches.


Translations: Krese, Pipirnė, Creson, Grbaštica, Cải xà lách xon, Rzeżucha, Tuinkers, Karse, Agrião, Кресс-салат, Κάρδαμο, رشاد, 유채과의 야채, Řeřicha, Угас, 克莱斯, Berro, Kreša, Žerucha, Crescione, גרגיר, Krasse, Selada, クレス, Cresson, Kresse, Karse, Berro, Крес-салат, Krassi, Кресон

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Peppery
Mouthfeel: Piquant
Substitutes: Arugula, Nasturtium leaves, Baby spinach leaves, Redish sprouts, Tender dandelion green

Selecting and Buying

Procuring: When to plant outside: After average last frost date.

When to start inside: Spring, 3-4 weeks before average last frost. Transplant outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. May also be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill.

Special Germination Instructions: Requires light to germinate. Do not cover seeds. Press lightly into soil.
Harvesting of baby leaves can begin as soon as the true leaves appear. Snip off with a pair of scissors. In mild winter climates, it is best to harvest during the cooler parts of the year. Plants growing during warm temperatures or plants that have bolted (produced a flower stalk) may be too bitter to eat



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