Broccoli Raab


Broccoli Raab is a type of green leafy vegetable originating from China and the Meditteranean. This vegetable though not related to Broccoli, is probably so named due to the small broccoli-like buds that appear.

Broccoli Raab is used extensively in Chinese and Italian cooking, and is best eaten cooked. In addition to fiber, Broccoli Raab is a source of Vitamins A, C and K, and potassium.


Other names: Turnip Broccoli, Rapini, Taitcat, Italian Turnip, Broccoli Rabe, Rappone, Cime Di Rapa
Translations: Brokoļi Raab, Brokoliai Raab, Bông cải xanh Raab, Brokuły Raab, Brokkoli Raab, Брокколи Raab, Μπρόκολο Raab, البروكلي راب, 브로콜리 Raab, Brokolice Raab, Brokoli Raab, Brokuli Raab, 青花菜拉布, Brocoli Raab, Brokoli Raab, Brokolica Raab, ברוקולי ראב, Броколи Рааб, ブロッコリーラーブ, ब्रोकोली Raab, Brocoli Raab, Брокколі Raab, Parsakaali Raab, Броколи Raab

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Chinese broccoli, Bitter greens, Green or red chard, Broccoli



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