Aniseed Myrtle


Known as far back as at least 1500 b.c., this small annual plant is a member of the parsley family, both the leaves and seed have a distinctive, sweet licorice flavor, the greenish brown, comma-shaped anise seed perfumes and flavors a variety of confections as well as savory dishes, it's also used to flavor drinks such as PASTIS, ARRACK, ANISETTE and OUZO.


Translations: Anīsa Myrtle, Anyžiais Myrtle, Anason Myrtle, Sjeme anisa mirta, Hồi Myrtle, Anyż Myrtle, Anijs Myrtle, Anisfrø Myrtle, Anis Myrtle, Aniseed Миртл, Γλυκάνισο Myrtle, اليانسون ميرتل, 아니 스의 열매 머틀, Anýz Myrtle, Семе аниса Мирта, Anis Myrtle, 洋茴香, Anís Myrtle, Janež Myrtle, Aníz Myrtle, Anice Myrtle, Aniseed מירטל, Anis Myrtle, Myrtle adas manis, アニシードマートル, Anis Myrtle, Anis Myrtle, Anis Myrtle, Anís Myrtle, Aniseed Міртл, Anis Myrtle, Анасонови Митра



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