Cranberry Bean


The Cranberry Bean is mild in flavor, and provides a creamy textured meat with a delicious nutlike flavor that has been compared to the taste of chestnuts.


Translations: Dzērveņu Bean, クランベリービーン, Spanguolių Bean, التوت البري بقول, Brusnicová Bean, Brusnica Bean, Brusinková Bean, חמוציות שעועית, Брусница Бин, 적갈색 콩, Cranberry बीन, Arándano Bean, Журавлина Бін, 蔓越莓豆, Клюква Бин, Nabiu Bean, Cranberry Бийн

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Dragon tongue beans, Tongue of fire beans, Romano beans, Kentucky wonder bean, Black eyed peas, Cow peas, Lima beans, Edamame beans, Garden peas



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