Neufchatel Cheese


An unripened cheese similar to cream cheese but containing less fat. It is very soft and rich, resembling whipped cream. It has a slightly tangy taste that goes well with fruits as a dessert.


Translations: Neufchatel Siers, Neufchatel Sūriai, Neufchatel Brânză, Neufchatel sira, Neufchâtel Cheese, Neufchatel Kaas, Neufchatel पनीर, Neufchatel Queijo, Neufchatel сыра, Neufchatel Τυρί, Neufchâtel الجبن, Neufchatel 치즈, Neufchatel Sýry, 讷沙泰勒奶酪, Formatge Neufchatel, Neufchâtel Sir, Neufchatel Syry, Neufchatel Formaggio, Neufchatel גבינה, Neufchatel Ost, Неуфцхател сир, ニューフチャテルチーズ, Neufchatel fromage, Queso Neufchatel, Neufchatel сиру, Neufchatel Juusto, Neufchatel сирене

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Mascarpone



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