American Catfish


A freshwater fish found mostly in southern regions of the United States. A vast majority is farm raised. Fillets average 6-12 ounces, it's low in fat, with firm flesh, and a mild flavor. It is often poached, baked, broiled, grilled, steamed, stewed, deep fried, pan fried, and smoked.


Translations: Amerikas sams, Amerikos Šamas, American somn, Američki Som, Cá da trơn Mỹ, Amerikaanse Catfish, अमेरिकी कैटफ़िश, Jundiá, Американский Катфиш, American Γατόψαρο, السلور الأمريكي, 미국의 메기, Americký Catfish, Амерички Сом, American hito, 美国鲶鱼, American Bagre, American Somiče, Americký Catfish, Pesce gatto americano, האמריקאי קטפיש, Amerikanska Catfish, Amerika Catfish, アメリカナマズ, American havkat, Amerikansk Catfish, American Bagre, Американський Катфіш, American Monni, Американски сом

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