The hazelnut is a type of dried nut, with a distinctive flavor, used in making foods such as pralines and Nutella, and hazelnut liqueurs. Hazelnut oil is used as a distinctively flavored cooking oil. Hazelnuts are high in protein and fats.


Other names: Filberts
Translations: Lazdu rieksti, Lazdyno riešutai, Alune, Lješnjaci, Orzechy laskowe, Hazelnoten, पूरक, Avelãs, Орехи, Φουντούκια, البندق, Lískové, Hazelnut, 榛子, Avellanes, Lešniki, Lieskové, Nocciole, אגוזי לוז, Hasselnötter, Љешњаци, ヘーゼルナッツ, Noisettes, Haselnüsse, Hasselnødder, Hasselnøtter, Avellanas, Горіхи, Hasselpähkinät, Лешниците

Physical Description

Hazelnuts in the shell, are a small brown nut that is shaped almost like a toy top. When shelled they have a brown husk and a creamy white nut.

Colors: Golden brown to creamy white

Tasting Notes

Flavors: nutty, earthy
Mouthfeel: Crunchy, Buttery, Nutty, Earthy
Food complements: Olive oil, Blue cheese, Pears, Butternut squash, Honey
Wine complements: White wine, Red wine
Beverage complements: Beer, Milk, Coffee
Substitutes: Pecan, Walnuts



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