Acidulated Water


Acidulated water is water acidulated with lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar to prevent fruits or vegetables like apples, avocados and pears from browning so that when the fruits or vegetables are removed from the mixture, they will remain visually pure for at least an hour or two, without oxidizing besides acquiring a pleasant acidic taste.

Water made slightly acidic by adding an acid ingredient, such as lemon juice or vinegar. Used to prevent the browning of cut foods such as apples and artichoke


Translations: Paskābināts Ūdens, Nepatenkinti Vandens, Acidulat apa, Kiseo vode, Làm chua nước, Zakwaszonej wody, Aangezuurd water, Acidulated जल, Água acidulada, Подкисленной воды, Οξυνός Νερό, حمض المياه, 신맛이 나는 물, Nakyslé vody, Air yg ditambah asam, Acidulated Tubig, 酸化水, Acidulat Aigua, Kisel Voda, Nakyslej vody, L'acqua acidulata, Acidulated מים, SYRLIG Vatten, Кисео воде, 酢水, Eau acidulée, Angesäuertem Wasser, Acidulated Vand, Acidulated Vann, Acidulado Agua, Підкисленою води, Acidulated Vesi, Язвителен водите



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