Hawaiian Kona Coffee


Coffee grown on the slopes of Hualalai in the Kona District on the Big Island of Hawaii. Coffee was first introduced to the Islands by Chief Boki, the Governor of Oahu, in 1825.

People pay a premium for the "kona" name so watch what you're buying. Bags with as little as 10%% kona coffee can be labeled "kona blend" or something similar. The coffee is expensive so you might as well splurge for something that tastes different -- namely "100%% kona coffee." Also, consider looking for a supplier who grows their own beans. A few big companies buy up beans from farmers. A supplier that grows its own coffee or can tell you where the coffee was grown seems more likely to deliver you true kona beans and more likely to provide you something truly unusual.


Translations: Havaju Kona kafijas, Havajų Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Kona cafea, Havajski Kona kave, Hawaii Kona cà phê, Kawy Kona Hawaiian, हवाईयन Kona कॉफी, Café Kona Hawaiian, Гавайский Кона кофе, Καφές Χαβάης Kona, هاواي [كونا] قهوة, 하와이 코나 커피, Havajské Kona Káva, Hawayano Kona Kape, 夏威夷的科纳咖啡, Cafè Kona Hawaii, Havajskej Kona Káva, Kona caffè hawaiano, Kona הוואי קפה, Hawaiian Kona Kaffe, Хавајски Кона Кафа, ハワイコナコーヒー, Café Kona Hawaii, Hawaii Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Kona kaffe, Hawaii Kona Kaffe, Café Kona Hawai, Гавайський Кона кави, Havaiji Kona Coffee, Хавайски Кона кафе



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