Alfalfa Seed


One of the most common legumes is the Alfalfa seed. Being a cool season seed, it is able to grow all over the world withstanding a wide variety of climates. Iran is its homeland but can be found in nearly all the continents. Alfalfa Seeds are extremely high in minerals, vitamins and protein. This makes it a perfect food to introduce to one's family when trying to forge healthiness into your diet. Technically, Alfalfa is a dicotyledonous plant. Simply meaning, the seed is composed of two embryonic or seed leaves called cotyledons. It is a very helpful seed to teach students about Vegetative Development while providing a healthy end result from Earth to Plate.


Translations: Lucerna Seed, Liucernos Sėklos, Lucernă seminţe, Sjemena lucerne, Giống cỏ linh lăng, Nasiona lucerny, अल्फला बीज, Sementes de alfafa, Семян люцерны, Μηδική Seed, بذور البرسيم, 자주 개 자리 종자, Alfalfa semen, Alfalfa Benih, Alpalpa Buto, 紫花苜蓿种子, Llavor d'alfals, Lucerna Seed, Alfalfa semien, אלפלפה זרע, Семе луцерке, アルファルファ種子, Semences de luzerne, Lucerne Seed, Semilla de alfalfa, Насіння люцерни, Sinimailanen Seed, Люцерна семена



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