Borage is a light-flavored herb that originates from countries in the Meditteranean. The tender leaves of Borage which taste of fresh cucumber, can be finely chopped and added to salads and soups just before serving, as the delicate flavor is lost in cooking.

The flowers of the plant are used as edible garnishes and often frozen in ice-cubes. Borage also has homeopathic properties and is used as an anti-depressant.


Other names: Starflower
Translations: Gurķu mētra, Vaistinė agurklė, Limba mielului, Boražina, Cây lưu ly, Ogórecznik, Bernagie, Borragem, Огуречник аптечный, لسان الثور, Brutnáku lékařského, 琉璃苣, Borratja, Borák, Borragine, Gurkört, Бораге, ルリヂサ, Bourrache, Borretsch, Hjulkrone, Borraja, Огуречнік аптечний, Purasruoho, Пореч

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Salad burnet, Thyme, Spinach, Nasturtiums



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