Barred Surfperch


The Barred Surfperch can also be referred to as the Silver Perch. These fish are found in large schools swimming in shallow waters off the southern coast of California. The fish are silver to cream in color with yellow vertical striations.


Translations: Iestājies noilgums Surfperch, Skersinė Surfperch, Prescris Surfperch, Zabranjeno Surfperch, Przedawnione Surfperch, Uitgesloten Surfperch, वर्जित Surfperch, Surfperch Barrada, Запретили Surfperch, Παραγραφεί Surfperch, منعت Surfperch, 막대 Surfperch, Příčkou Surfperch, Dilarang Surfperch, Barado Surfperch, 棒Surfperch, Escombreu perca, Zastaranje Surfperch, Priečkou Surfperch, מוט Surfperch, Preskriberad Surfperch, Забранила Сурфперцх, バレッドウミタナゴ, Spærret Surfperch, Sperret Surfperch, Barred perca, Заборонили Surfperch, Vanhentunut Surfperch, Ястребогушо Surfperch



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