Hard White Weat


It is a “hard” wheat with high gluten content, it is good for bread, yet because of it’s light color it can easily be used in French bread and pizza crusts for the nutrition of whole wheat without the “brown bread” look.


Translations: Hard alb Weat, Tvrdi Bijela Weat, White Hard Weat, Hard White WEAT, मुश्किल व्हाइट Weat, Hard WEAT Branco, Жесткий Белый Уэт, Σκληρό λευκό Weat, الثابت Weat الأبيض, 하드 화이트 Weat, Hard Bílé Weat, Hard Putih Weat, 硬白小麦幼, Dur Blanc WEAT, Hard Biele Weat, Hard WEAT Bianco, קשה לבן Weat, Hård White Weat, Тешко Бела Веат, ハードホワイトウェット, Blé dur blanc, Hard White WEAT, Duro Blanco WEAT, Жорсткий Білий Ует, Kova White säätietojen, Твърд Бяла Weat



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