Bastardo Del Grappa


A cheese from Veneto, Italy around Monte Grappa; made from mixed milks. The story the cheese "bastard" is a cheese whose production dates back to 800 AD, a period in which it was produced in Veneto. So named because it is a hybrid of milks. The remarkable diversity of environments in the Grappa provides fodder with a very rich and varied flora. This allows for a greater wealth of aromas and flavors in the milk. This is a semi-fat cheese made with cow's milk, rennet coagulation, and is semi-cooked. Has a cylindrical shape, weighing between 2.5 to 5 kg, diameter 20-35 cm, 5-8 cm high, crust dry and clean. The dough is soft, pale yellow with small holes, color more pronounced if more mature. The curing also makes changes to the consistency of the dough that becomes progressively more grainy but quite compact. Sweet, savory, which becomes more intense when aged, pleasant aroma is accentuated by maturity.


Translations: バスタルドはデルグラッパ, Bastardo دل غرابا, Bastard Del Grappa, Bastardo del Grappa, 라고요 델 그라파, Bastardo del Grappa, Бастардо Del Grappa, Бастардо Del Grappa, 巴斯塔del Grappa的, Бастардо Дел Граппа, Bastard Del Grappa, Дел Грапа Bastardo



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