Rack Of Lamb


A rack of lamb is a roast of two lamb ribs, very tender and flavorful, often served during special occasions. It is usually a more expensive cut of meat than other sorts of lamb.


Translations: Zobrata Lamb, Rack ėriukų, Rack de miel, Rack Of Janjetina, Jagnięciny, Lamsrack, भेड़ के बच्चे के रैक, Carré de Cordeiro, Каре ягненка, Ράφι του αρνιού, رف من لحم الضأن, 랙 어린 양의, Jehněčí kotlety, Рацк од јагњећег, Pahirapan ng Lamb, 机架羔羊, Costellam de Xai, Rack Od Lamb, Jahňacie kotlety, Carré di agnello, מדף של למב, Rack av lamm, Rack Dari Anak Domba, ラックラムの, Carré d'agneau, Lammkarree, Rack af lam, Rack av lam, Costillar de Cordero, Каре ягня, Rack Karitsan, Rack От агнета



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