Straight Whiskey


(without naming a grain) is a whiskey which has been aged in charred new oak containers for 2 years or more and distilled at not more than 80 percent alcohol by volume but is derived from less than 51%% of any one grain.


Translations: ストレートウイスキー, مستقيم ويسكي, Priame Whiskey, Равно Виски, Drept Whiskey, 스트레이트 위스키, Přímé Whiskey, סטרייט וויסקי, Неразбавленное в `иски, Straight wiski, सीधे व्हिस्की, Recta whisky, Нерозбавлене в `позови, 直威士忌, Suora Whiskey, Recta whisky, Прави Whiskey



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