Fruit Beer


Beer brewed with fruit flavor. This flavor can come from the addition of actual fruit in the brewing process or the additional of fruit syrups.


Translations: Augļu Beer, Vaisiai Alus, Fructe Bere, Voće Pivo, Trái cây Bia, Fruitbier, फल बीयर, Фруктовое пиво, الفاكهة البيرة, 과일 맥주, Ovocné pivo, Buah Bir, Prutas Beer, 水果啤酒, Fruites Cervesa, Sadje Beer, Ovocné pivo, פירות באר, Воће Пиво, フルーツビール, Frutas Cerveza, Фруктове пиво, Hedelmät Beer, Плодове Бира



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