Abondance Cheese


Abondance is a semi-hard raw-milk cheese made in the Haute-Savoie region of France. Its aroma is similar to that of Beaufort, another French cheese. Abondance is made exclusively from milk produced by the Abondance breed of cattle.


Translations: Abondance Siers, Abondance Sūriai, Abondance Brânză, Sir izobilje, Abondance Kaas, अबॉनडैंस पनीर, Abondance Queijo, Абонданс сыра, Abondance Τυρί, Abondance الجبن, Abondance 치즈, Abondance Sýry, Abondance Keju, 阿邦当斯奶酪, Abondance Formatge, Abondance Sir, ABONDANCE Syry, Abondance Formaggio, Abondance גבינה, Abondance Ost, Абонданце сир, ABONDANCEにチーズ, Abondance de fromage, Abondance Queso, Абонданс сиру, Abondance Juusto, Abondance сирене



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