Yerba Santa


Yerba santa is a sticky-leafed evergreen that is native to the American Southwest. It was given its name ("holy weed") by Spanish priests impressed with its medicinal properties. The aromatic leaves were boiled to make a tea to treat coughs, colds, asthma, pleurisy, tuberculosis, and pneumonia, and a poultice of the leaves was applied to painful joints.Unlike many medicinal herbs, yerba santa actually has a pleasant taste. It has been used as a general food flavoring and in cough syrups to disguise the bad taste of other ingredients.


Translations: イエルバサンタ, اليربا سانتا, Yerba 산타, Yerba סנטה, Ыерба Деда, Yerba सांता, Hierba Santa, Yerba Санта, 耶尔瓦圣, Yerba Санта, Herba Santa, Йерба Санта



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