Beef Pastrami


Beef Pastrami is a deliciously cured meat, often served in thin slices. It is made by first curing beef brisket in brine (corned beef) and then smoking it for added flavor.

Beef Pastrami can be made at home or bought in the store, and goes well in sandwiches.


Other names: Bastermah
Translations: Liellopu Pastrami, Jautiena Pastos, Carne de vită Pastrama, Govedina Pastrami, Bò Pastrami, Wołowina Pastrami, बीफ़ Pastrami, Carne Pastrami, Говядина Pastrami, Βοείου παστράμι, لحوم البقر بسطرمة, 훈제 쇠고기, Hovězí Pastrami, Daging sapi daging sapi asap, 熏牛肉, Carn de boví pastrami, Goveje Pastrami, Hovädzie Pastry, Carni bovine Pastrami, ביף פסטרמה, Говедина Пастрами, 牛肉パストラーミ, Boeuf Pastrami, Oksekød Pastrami, Carne de vacuno Pastrami, Яловичина Pastrami, Naudanliha pastrami, Говеждо Pastrami



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