Beach Plum


A Bech Plum is s wild, dark purple plum found growing in sandy soil along the Atlantic coast, and its flavor is reminiscent of a grape-plum cross but because it's quite tart and bitter, the beach plum is not good for out-of-hand eating, it makes superior jams and jellies, however, as well as a delicious condiment for meats.


Translations: Pludmales Plūmju, ビーチプラム, Paplūdimys Slyvų, الشاطئ بلوم, Beach Slivovica, Praia Plum, Plajă prune, 해변 매화, Beach Slivovice, Beach Mai, חוף שזיף, Бич Плам, Plum Beach, Beach kaakit-akit, समुद्र तट बेर, Platja del prunera, Біч Плам, 比奇普拉姆, Плажа шљива, Playa del ciruelo, Плаж сливи



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