Thai Basil


Sometimes called "holy basil" as it is often planted around temples, Thai basil is stronger in flavor than other varieties and is used extensively in Thai cooking. The leaves are smaller than sweet basil and the younger leaves and stems have a purple tint. Excellent in curries and stir-fries.


Other names: Asian Basil, Holy Basil
Translations: Taju Basil, Tajų Vasilijus, Tajlandski Basil, Thái Basil, Tajski Basil, Thaise basilicum, थाई तुलसी, Manjericão Tailandês, Тайский Василий, Ταϊλανδικά Βασίλης, التايلاندية باسل, 타이어 바실, Thajská Basil, 泰国罗勒, Alfàbrega tailandesa, Tajski Basil, Thajská Basil, תאי באזיל, Тајландски Босиљак, タイのバジル, Basilic thaï, Thai-Basilikum, Thai Basilikum, Albahaca tailandesa, Тайська Василь, Thai Босилек



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