Barbera Grapes


his is probably the first red wine anyone drinks in an Italian restaurant or pizza place. That's because it can be cheap and very cheerful. The red, juicy fruit and the low tannins are appealing, while the firm acidity is a positive advantage with rich and fatty foods like cheeses and salamis.

Barbra's home is the Piedmont in NW Italy. While the bargains are produced there, there are also specific denominations for fine wine. Barbra d'Alba is rich and complex; Barbra d'Asti has some exceptional oak-aged wines.

It is not surprising that the friendly Barbra was one of the varieties that Italian emigrants chose to take with them. Argentina in particular has some excellent versions, full of dark plums and black cherries.


Translations: Barbera Vīnogas, Barbera Vynuogės, Barbera struguri, Grožđe Barbera, Barbera Nho, Winogrona Barbera, Barbera druiven, Barbera अंगूर, Uva Barbera, Барбера виноград, Barbera Σταφύλια, العنب باربيرا, Barbera 포도, Barbera bobulí, Барбера грожђа, Barbera mga ubas, 巴贝拉葡萄, Barbera Raïms, Barbera Grozdje, Barbera bobúľ, Le uve Barbera, ענבי ברברה, Barbera Vindruvor, Barbera Anggur, ベラブドウ, Cépages Barbera, Barbera Trauben, Barbera druer, Barbera Druer, Barbera Uvas, Барбера виноград, Barbera Viinirypäleet, Барбера Грозде



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