Brazil Nut


The Brazil nut is a native of South America, has a size and shape similar to an orange wedge and is a good source of magnesium and thiamine. The Brazil Nut is the edible seed of a large South American tree (Bertholletia excelsa) found in the Amazonian forests of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. The Brazil nut is particularly well known in the Brazilian state of Pará, where it is called castanha-do-pará (Pará nut) and is grown as one of the major commercially traded nuts in the world.


Translations: Brazīlijas riekstu, Pekano riešutai, Alună braziliană, Brazilski oraščić, Paranoot, ब्राजील अखरोट, Brasil Nut, Бразильский орех, Φιστίκι βραζιλίας, البرازيل البندق, 브라질 너트, Para ořech, Kacang Brazil, Brazil nuwes, 巴西胡桃, Nou del Brasil, Brazilijo Nut, Para orech, Noce del Brasile, אגוז ברזיל, Paranötter, Бразилски орах, ブラジルナット, Noix du Brésil, Brasilien Møtrik, Brasil Nut, Nuez de Brasil, Бразильський горіх, Parapähkinä, Бразилия гайка



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