Morels are a wild mushroom that is most often found in the spring time. Look to farmer's markets and specialty grocery stores to carry them.
It is suggested to soak morels in cold salted water, at least two rinses to remove loose dirt and any bugs.

Morels have a delicate mushroom flavor and have a perfect design for absorbing sauces. Morels are fantastic sauteed with butter, served next to a poached or over easy egg or make a perfect addition to fresh spring asparagus dishes.


Translations: Μανιτάρια, Valgomasis briedžiukas, Smrž, Morilles, Smrčak, Morcheln, Smrži, Spugnole, Smardzami, Korvasieniä, Morilles, Сморчки, Сморчки, 羊肚菌, Murklor, Морелс

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