Wren's Egg Bean


This is a semi-runner bean (about 18" runners), producing cream-colored pods with red streaks that are good at the snap stage, but it doesn't last for long and its are best grown for a dry, soup bean.


Translations: Pitulice's Egg Bean, Hồng tước Bean's Egg, Bean's Wren Egg, Wren है Egg बीन, Bean Wren's Egg, Яйцо Рена Бин, Bean αυγό Wren του, حبة بيضة النمنمة في, 굴뚝새의 에그 콩, Wren vejce Bean, Egg Bean Wren's, 雷恩的蛋豆, Bean Wren's Egg, Jajce Wren's Bean, Wren vajcia Bean, Egg Wren Bean, ביצה בין רן של, Рен је јаје Бин, レンの卵ビーン, Bean Egg Wren, Bean Wren's Egg, Яйце Рена Бін, Рен's Egg Бийн



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